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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hope You Had A Wonderful Thanksgiving...

 Just remember Folks, it could always be worse.
In fact, I received a call today from my oldest friend on the Eastern Shore who informed me her Mother passed away early this morning. This was a very special Lady who will truly be missed. 
Count your blessings as today is a bold reminder that life is so very short. 

The second picture came from a friend who's Wife and Children are out of state with her Family and he is stuck at home taking care of the family pets. Mind you, he'll have time to do some hunting while they are away but that is his Thanksgiving Dinner. 


Anonymous said...

Wawa gobbler hoagie and a pumpkin tastykake would be better than Hungry Man.

Anonymous said...

Wawa was my Thanksgiving Dinner last year. It can be a little lonely but I don't need to find a girlfriend just so I won't be alone during the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to eat alone during the holidays. Just another day to me. Don't celebrate my birthday either. I'm 33 and have friends and family, not some grumpy old man lol.