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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Councilman’s Cool Merrillville Residence

Alleged Murderer and East Chicago City Councilman maintained two residences according to an affidavit filed in Federal Court. DEA Special Agent David Zamora swore in an affidavit that had established surveillance of the councilman “at both of BATTLE’S residences, one in Merrillville, Indiana and one in East Chicago, Indiana.” But you really do not have to look that far to determine that Battle did not live in East Chicago.

Shortly after being elected to the EC Counci, Battle filed paperwork to be the administrator over the estate of Shelly D. White. That paperwork was filed in Lake Circuit Court and the magistrate on the case was none other than political insider Jewell Harris, Jr. Battle expected to receive money from a pending medical malpractice lawsuit. When big dollars are at stake, you want to ensure that you give the Court your real address. In November, 2013 Battle gave the address of 4070 W. 91st Place, Merrillville, Indiana. In 2012 when he was arrested for a marijuana charge in Hammond, Battle gave an address of 4835 Larkspur Drive in East Chicago. So when he was arrested or given a traffic ticket, Battle most likely provided his driver’s license which had the East Chicago Address. BUT when it really mattered, when he thought someone might be mailing him a six figure check, he used the Merrillville address.

Again the question has to be why didn’t anyone challenge Battle’s candidacy? Certainly Democratic political operative/magistrate Jewell Harris, Jr. would have told someone that Battle didn’t live in East Chicago, right? Certainly there had to be buzz on the streets about the second address.

So, do you think the guy driving around with $100K in cash lived in the house pictured above or in the one pictured below?



Anonymous said...

The politicians in that neck of the woods are out of control.

Anonymous said...

4:44 AM, you are wrong on this one. Politicians in all neck of the woods are out of control.

Anonymous said...

But, but he's black. He would never lie to us! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Or be a part of the drug problem that's screwing up our kids.

Anonymous said...

A loser and a winner. Go figure.