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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Bloody Baltimore: No end seen to post-Freddie Gray spike in homicides, shootings

Baltimore's bloody summer ended with a barrage of bangs, as the rate of homicides and gun crimes continued to spike in the wake of the racially charged case of Freddie Gray, whose death in police custody left citizens angry and cops demoralized.

For September, homicides were up 39 percent and non-fatal shootings nearly doubled over the same month in 2014, continuing a disturbing trend that has gripped the Charm City since Gray's death in April and the rioting that followed. For the year, murders are up 52 percent and non-fatal shootings 80 percent over last year.

"We have highly motivated bad guys in Baltimore," Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith told



Anonymous said...

they are showing off for the American Mayors Convention

Anonymous said...

Hows that gun control working out for old Baltimore and O'Malley

Unknown said...

governor hogan needs to repeal maryland's strict gun laws all homeowners and business owners should not have a problem getting a firearm for a fact my mother aplied for a handgun carry permit and was turned down twice was told 1 in 1200 people are granted one she was robbed twice carrying her moneybag from her business to the bank if i had been in the area things would have been different i am never going to be without a weapon,legal or not