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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Hogan, Ehrlich, Glendening, Hughes pay respects to former Mandel at State House

In the rotunda of the State House, where the body of former Gov. Marvin Mandel lay in a flag-draped coffin, former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. stepped away from a throng of mourners to try to describe the man, a friend as well as a towering figure in Maryland's political history.

To Ehrlich's right, a group of Democratic legislators stood chatting. To his left, a few high-profile Republicans traded tales of Mandel.

The groups interacted freely, often laughing. To Ehrlich, a Republican, that made a powerful point about the state's 56th governor, a Democrat.

"Marvin didn't see [political] party," he said. "He saw people, and he saw the state of Maryland, and he did what he thought was best for our state.



Anonymous said...

Arnt govenors paid for life?

Anonymous said...

Where was Moron Malley?

Anonymous said...

3"31 PM He was too busy making up his next batch of lies.

Anonymous said...

Was OweMalley meeting with counsel to come up with a scenario to defend spending $9,000 for junk furniture?