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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open


Anonymous said...

It is appalling that this guy would pretend to be a hero when he clearly is not! If any of his statements were true it would mean our own government was involved in 911.

I will never accept that conspiracy theory. This guy is trying to make a name for himself by throwing our government under the bus. He should be ashamed of himself. Our government would never do that. Ever.

This is un-American.

Anonymous said...

Just another consprisee nut

Anonymous said...

Cognitive dissonance--Our government would never do that. Ever.

Have you seen some of the things that our government does to other people around the world-I hear they have a museum in Vietnam dedicated to war atrocities. And you think they wouldn't do that to us if we were in the way lol

Anonymous said...

Ugh, no this is a disgrace to the people who died

Anonymous said...

12:34 and 12:36, don't be so naive. Read American History. Where were you educated? It had to be government/public schools. Our founders even warned us not to completely trust the government. My dears, government is made up of fallible men/women who are not always truthful, not on the up and up, who want to destroy, who want to deceive to get their way, who don't have America and it's citizens good will on their hearts.

When stories first came out about this and conspiracies were abounding, I didn't believe this myself. As the years have past and more reasonable heads have come forth (Sheryl Atkinson of ABC fame) is one of them; I have come to realize something dreadful really did take place and it had to be an inside job.

I don't have all the answers, but I do want to know the truth. TRUTH MATTERS. Because I am a student of history, I realize something actually could have taken place that we are just beginning to discover.

lmclain said...

Other than the Malaysian flight (that went down in the deep ocean), the ONLY two black boxes never recovered from any crash belong to the two planes that hit the World Trade towers.
They found skin, hair, fingernails, but couldn't find EITHER ONE of those boxes??
And you sheep think there is nothing wrong with that picture???
there are just TOO MANY in congruencies in the "official" story.
Of course, a lot of you cheerleaders fell for the "official" line about the Patriot Act and the NDAA, too, so believing everything you are told by the "authorities" is not too far fetched, huh?
I love it when people who WEREN'T eyewitnesses try to ridicule those people who were RIGHT THERE and saw it firsthand.
Who ya gonna believe? The military-industrial spokesman (the same people who told you the Patriot Act was for "your own good", or your lying eyes??
75% of you just thought, "well, I'm going with the OFFICIAL story".
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

12:34 and 12:36 you might want to do a little research. Governments around the world have carried out false flag operations since time began. Look up the following:

1) Russo-Swedish War
2)Second Sino-Japanese War
3)Gleiwitz incident
4)Winter War
5)Operation Northwoods
6)Reichstag fire
7)Project TP-Ajax
8)2008 Kurcha incident

Then, for giggles, read up on TWA 800..But, You're going to have to forget your programming/brainwashing to accept the truth. Turn off the TV and believe your own senses for once. Trust your eyes.

Anonymous said...


I feel your pain. It's completely impossible to believe.

But as always, the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

It was all done by Osama (Tim Osmond) Bin Laden while he was hiding in a cave, hooked up to dialysis, and typing on a Dell laptop. He planned it and financed it.

All 19 of those criminals died that day, contrary to what some people say: 6 of them were still alive on 9/12. They even found one of their passports laying on the sidewalk after the towers fell.

There were several videos showing the planes hitting the buildings. What does this guy think happened? Is he one of those people who think the media stations faked the planes hitting the buildings? Like what, rockets hit the buildings and then the media made it look like it was airplanes? That's ridiculous.

What about Shanksville? There was a hole in the ground 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. A plane definitely went down there. I don't care if there weren't any luggage or dead bodies. That plane probably disintegrated since it was going straight down into the ground.

And how about the Pentagram? A plane hit it. Lots of people think the building's hole was too small for a plane. They don't realize a plane will fold up like a fan once it hits the Pentagram. That building is tough. That's why the hole looked so small. That plane went through 4 rings of steel and concrete.

What about all of the cell phone calls from the flights? The guy who called his mom? Does he not realize that people can make cell phone calls from airplanes?

What about all the short bets on the airlines stocks? Who does he think did those? Bin Laden did them and made a pile of money off of it. But the SEC couldn't prosecute him because of the fancy virus protection he had on his computers.

Doesn't this guy realize the 8 pilots were all military trained? He should realize it took real fighting power to overcome all 8 pilots on 4 planes using razor blades. Those pilots have never expected someone to come at them with razor blades and box cutters. They were probably so surprised that they just sat there and took it. Those terror guys were tough and well trained. They probably did some practice runs using smaller planes and such.

This guy knows nothing. He is probably a plant from some dude like ARod Jones or something.

Anonymous said...

There is so, so much evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. And, for someone to still believe the lies that the Bush administration put into place about it is moronic and naive. At the extreme least it shows that this group of believers has seen/read/heard only MSM and haven't done any real research for the truth on this act of treason and non-military coup.
9/11 was perpetrated for a reason, and you, America, are living that reason today. Ask yourself, "Do I have as much freedom today as I did on September 10th, 2001?"

Anonymous said...

12:34 and 12:36 you must be kidding right?
Please watch "loose change" on YouTube with an open, logical mind.