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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why the Fox Debate is taking hits from Donald Trump’s fans

The attacks by Donald Trump and his followers on the Fox News debate have raised a really important question:

What, exactly, is the role of moderators in a presidential debate?

Or to take a broader view: What is the role of journalists, period?

Many in the mainstream media, including such luminaries as Katie Couric, Andrea Mitchell and Jeff Greenfield, have praised the tough questioning by Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. Perhaps most striking was this piece by liberal New York Times columnist Frank Bruni:

“They took each of the 10 Republicans onstage to task. They held each of them to account. They made each address the most prominent blemishes on his record, the most profound apprehensions that voters feel about him, the greatest vulnerability that he has.

“It was riveting. It was admirable. It compels me to write a cluster of words I never imagined writing: hooray for Fox News.”



Anonymous said...

I call complete BS! Fox is OWNED by the republican caucus's, and set Trump up. He showed everyone he can handle himself and the country.

Anonymous said...

The questions of Trump, I believe, were designed to throw him off his game plan. I felt that he was being set up and so have others with whom I have spoken. One, a Dem, laughed in glee but gave kudos to Trump for dealing with them well. I have been a fan of Megan but must say she has lost my respect and I have not tuned her since the debates, also picked up a tension and a need for an executive at a higher level with perhaps a little more tact to sit down with the moderators and set some appropriate guide lines
I thank MR. Trump for not offering to apologize. I not a debater but probably would have indicated this was not an appropriate question+++++++++ and just stood there putting Megan on the defensive.

Anonymous said...

I still don't know what women have to do with anything.Megyn sure thinks they do.Do yourself a favor and stand in the hallway of ANY local voting location during the presidential election.You will see a much higher male turnout.Donald Trump could do cartwheels during the debate and they still would not vote.60-40 at best.

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that Megan Kelly has become just an entertainer that's all.

Anonymous said...

Nothing out of the ordinary here compared to any previous debates. The last election cycle the supporters for Ron Paul were singing the same tune. The problem with the questions for Trump was, was that he was unprepared for such questions. Simple as that.

Here's the assessment: Trump's vulnerability was on display at the debate. However, he has recovered from that night, and has bounced back and has a solid lead in most of the polling.

Time to move on.

Signed....someone who will most-likely vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that the Democrat debate also asks tough questions. I bet they will get off easy...again.