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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Hunting advocate: Safaris essential to wildlife conservation

Tourist safari hunting is one of the founding supporters of wildlife and wild Africa today.

Wildlife today does not exist by accident or without real management effort. The hunting is a purposefully designed conservation strategy formed by experts to conserve game and habitat and benefit the local people who ultimately determine the survival of the habitat and game.

Hunting areas are far larger than other protected areas. Eliminate the hunting and you eliminate crucial wildlife habitat, particularly lion habitat and lion prey (essential food) — hence most lions.

The hunts are expensive because the hunting is used to fund most of the operating budgets of the wildlife departments and conservation infrastructure. That includes the funding of most anti-poaching. The law enforcement funding pays for community game guards, hunting operator anti-poaching teams and the rangers of the wildlife departments — all three.



Anonymous said...

Although I have nothing against hunting, the argument that we have to kill the animals to save the animals has always seemed a bit odd to me.

Anonymous said...

Deer corn,salt lick , trail camera BOOM!!! You have a deer. So easy even a caveman can do it. ME GREAT WHITE HUNTER!!!!

lmclain said...

Self serving BS.
They don't need to be killed to "protect" them.
Nature forgot how to naturally select?
Start putting big rewards on the heads of POACHERS and let the hunters take THAT trophy. How many rich good ol' boys have a human head in their trophy room???