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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Get Trump's Cap - Free Offer

Exclusive Newsmax Offer: 
Get Your FREE Donald Trump
‘Make America Great Again’ Cap
with this Special Offer!

The cap that Donald Trump has been wearing at campaign stops — blazing out his "Make America Great Again," slogan — has become a sensation.
In fact, sales of the Trump cap are off the charts.
Now you can get your very own Make America Great Again cap (a $25 value) FREE with this offer, just pay shipping & handling.
The “Make America Great Again” cap is being worn by Americans who stand with Trump in securing America’s border with Mexico – and cleaning up Washington.


Anonymous said...

He should be sending these out in the mail like those keys I get from holly kia.

Anonymous said...

Where is the hat manufactured and printed?

Anonymous said...

I could guess 3:30 LOL.

Anonymous said...

3:30 PM, In the USA, where else?

Anonymous said...

My bet would be china!