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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cop Arrested After His Own Body Cam Refuted His Report, Shows Him Pummeling Teen

According to the body camera footage of the incident, it is clear that there is no violent struggle.

Athens, GA —
In June, Athens-Clarke County police officer Jonathan Fraser was responding to a call about a drunk college kid.

If you read the report that Fraser, who has a long and tarnished history filed, you would think that this hero cop diffused a dangerous situation and successfully defended himself against an intoxicated attacker. And, that’s exactly what his fellow officers thought — until the body cam footage was reviewed.



Anonymous said...

Exactly why they're needed. I'm also sure there will be plenty of officers exonerated by the cameras as well.

Anonymous said...

The only reason that the Republicans have even started discussing police brutality is that they are now being aggressive, hostile and intimidating to your "could do no wrong" white children. What you are just beginning to see is only a taste of what police/African American interactions have been for 150 years.
You all talk about the tea party, tea party, tea party. What was it? White guys dressed up as Native Americans and destroyed private property to protest TAXES! Yet if any property is destroyed in an otherwise peaceful protest of intimidation, abuse and MURDER, this blog fills with vile racist hate speach and comments like "They're only making themselves look bad" and "If you didn't want to get shot 15 or 20 times you never should have J-walked"
You have Justin Aita harrasing and arresting a young boy for wearing headphones on a bike. What I would say to a pig that arrested my child for something so stupid could not be printed in this blog, but then again I am a white man so that will not happen to me (I have been intentionally riding all over Salisbury on my bike with headphones since the incident so yes its a fact)
The boy who was shot and killed at the MD police barracks AFTER SHOWING UP TO CLEAR A WORK ORDER! I was on my way back into town from the Delaware beaches that day and actually had a work order I needed to take care of at that police station. I could not complete it that day because they were busy cleaning the young mans blood off the street, but I decided to return a couple days later and do a little experiment. I rolled a big fat joint and smoked it inside a little closet in my house. Then I went to that police station reaking to high hell of marijuana. I walked into the office, turned in my ticket, an officer walked to the front door, looked out at my light and oked me. No question, no searches, no intimidation. Wake up. You can allow this to continue and not speak up, but eventually you yourself the target, and you will come to this blog and see the mob cheering for your lynching next.

Anonymous said...

IMCLAIN good job by law enforcement. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I don't agree with everything, but like your style...

Anonymous said...

Homie you haven't ridden a bike in 40 years lol