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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cruz: Enforcing Current Laws More Important Than 14th Amendment Debate

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a GOP presidential candidate, says he sees good arguments on both sides of the current debate on the 14th Amendment and "anchor babies," but said a much quicker resolution to the nation's immigration problem would be to enforce current laws.

"There's a good faith argument on both sides," he said Sunday on "Face the Nation." "We should pursue whichever one is effective. But as policy matter, we should change the law."

America is facing a "crisis" over illegal immigration, said Cruz, who has proposed a law to stop visa overstays as well as more National Guard members patrolling the border.



Anonymous said...

For 40 years it's the same load of crap. I'm moving to Thailand. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I'll be that law is going to be really effective at "preventing" people from overstaying on visas.

National Guard? Excellent idea. Let them PROTECT our borders and protect us, which is one of the few tasks our government was entrusted with. Providing for the common defense.

If they are coming in without at least going through our border crossing checkpoints, they should be considered unfriendly, if not hostile.

Shoot to kill invaders coming across our borders. They'll get the message.

Anonymous said...

He says that being born in America shouldn't make you a citizen. Now he's trying to back out from an insane comment. Cruz should move back to Europe and give his house to Native American issues.

Anonymous said...

While Obama is recruiting Somalians by the thousands and shipping them in as fast as he can...

Anonymous said...

Really 6:54? Bush says Asians are the problem. Now that is novel, never heard that before.