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Friday, August 21, 2015

Captain's Cove In Virginia Continues To Scam The Elderly

It's been quite some time since I've written anything about Captain's Cove but I recently received another call of yet another scam in that location.

Back in the 1970's they sold building lots there to people who planned on retiring there one day. For many years while the lots remained empty they were subjected to pay a minimal fee, (something like $40.00) a year for a homeowners association fee. 

Today that fee is now $900.00 a year. Now we all know expenses have gone up and I'm cool with that. HOWEVER, there are some people who bought lots only to find out the state will NOT allow them to build on those lots as they are considered wetlands. 

This particular individual is in their 80's and have been bullied for the past few years by the association to pay their fees. Now they are going so far as to sending these vulnerable people to collection agencies, even though they cannot build on their lot and were sold swamp land in Virginia. 

The States Attorney's Office in Accomac Virginia refuse to hear their plea for help, even though this Family have tried to simply GIVE their lot back to the County/Development for FREE. 

Now they are receiving certified letters and constant calls from collection people. WHEN is our Federal Government going to start protecting the elderly? In my opinion this is FRAUD and if Captain's Cover had any decency they'd allow ALL of the people who's property has been eliminated from any structure on that property to be relieved of the land and or responsibility towards any association fees. 

We will try to keep you posted of their progress as they will now hire an attorney and sue them since purchasing the land in the 1970's and have paid these fees since then. 


Anonymous said...

Call FoxNews and get that story on Greta's Show. That will get someones attention and possibly make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Simply do not pay the taxes and let it be sold at tax sale. If no one wants it the county will end up with it. It does seem like fraud to sell land that cannot be built on unless that was disclosed at time of sale.

Anonymous said...

What do Scott Rigell and Lynwood Lewis have to say? They represent the area at the Fed and State level. Sounds like something Mike Mather from WTKR could sink his teeth into.

Anonymous said...

There are many lots NOT in wetlands that are still denied building permits because there are no water or sewer lines running to them. I inherited a lot there about 20 years ago; the homeowner's fee was about $40 and the property taxes were $1.69. That should tell you something. I couldn't sell the lot because nobody wanted it so I just stopped paying and let the homeowner's association and the County fight over who was going to foreclose first. Neither wanted it so I don't know whatever happened.

Anonymous said...

That place is in deep trouble when the property owners in the undeveloped section stop paying.

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with the elderly? This situation exists for anyone of any age. There is a map of captains Cove showing all the unbuildable lots. They should've used a real estate agent who could've advise them… As all of the unbuildable lots are clearly marked as unbuildable.

I'm sorry for anyone who owns a bad lot in the Cove, but there are lots of folks who will take the lot to get golfing rights.

Anonymous said...

Could it have anything to do with regulations changing over such a long period of time? Is it possible they were buildible when purchased but newer laws now prohibit it?