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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pruden: Letting No Tragedy Go To Waste

The funeral processions to the graveyards in Charleston will be crowded unless the families can keep out the interlopers, exploiters and other cheap opportunists. The easy riders have hitched up their hobbyhorses for the big parade.

Some of the long riders want to shoot down the Confederate flag. Others have oiled their long rifles for the promised cavalry charge against the National Rifle Association. Even the Arabs, who have never distinguished themselves on a battlefield, want to join the mob to avenge murder of Christians at Charleston.

The soldiers of CAIR, the loudest Muslim lobbying organization, joins the crusade to tear down the Confederate flag wherever they find it, as “a fitting memorial to those slain in one of America’s deadliest acts of racist violence.” CAIR needs help with American history. Massacre at the World Trade Center, where more than 3,000 Americans were slain for the sin of being Christians, Jews and unbelievers, set the standard for massacre. Punks and crazies eager to get their names in the Guinness Book of Records will be shooting at 9/ll for decades to come.

Gov. Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina, surrendered to the mob late Monday, joining the demand to send the Confederate flag to “the dustbin of history,” as one leader of the mob put it. The governor called the rally, where several state officials, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, gathered in a ceremony to join the mob, “a moment of unity.” The Republican National Committee, always eager to cower in the face of controversy, praised the governor. Chairman Reince Priebus assured everyone that he has been praying for South Carolina but forgot the “thoughts” that politicians, not known for dropping to their knees except before donors, usually attach to their “prayers” when they invoke cliches on occasions of tragedy.

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Anonymous said...

"let's tear down the flag and then everything will be okay".

Really? Do we seriously think banning the stars and bars will prevent another shooting? For those evil folks who hold hate in their hearts, won't banning the flag just be another perceived punch in the nose and encourage even MORE Dylan Roofs? Unless, of course, poking people and causing racial tension are the goals of this government. But we wouldn't want to assume that, would we?

Anonymous said...

Nikki Haley just made a huge blunder. Attacking free speech is not going to solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

"...“a fitting memorial to those slain in one of America’s deadliest acts of racist violence.”"????
Somebody needs a history lesson. If I recall correctly, Northerners and Southerners were not separate races, and the war wasn't fought primarily, or even secondarily, to "free the slaves".
We have preserved the Union, but it is always and forever to be challenged by those who seek power or envy its success.

Anonymous said...

The Confederate flag is a part of the history of the United States of America. Good, bad, or indifferent will not change this.
ALL our current politicians are trying so hard to be 'politically correct'. How is that working for them? Not very well.
We have more shootings, located in schools, theaters, churches, on the streets of our city because of the moral decay in this country.
The Dumbocrats, the misguided Republicants, as well as other the other 'wannabe' political groups have forgotten the rich, and sometimes not so rich beginnings of this country. This country was founded on having freedoms of speech, religion, of lifestyles. Such hatred only breeds more hatred. A step in the right direction would be to STOP all current applications for legal status in this country. We need to fix our problems from within, not from without!
I am awaiting the Rapture with an open heart and open arms. The Bible shows on that in the last days there will be much turmoil and hate. I cannot seeing it getting any better, only much, much worse.