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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Berlin Community News Summer 2015


Anonymous said...

Gee Williams---what a joke---master of "gab" then stabs everyone in the back---just wait folks our tax increase is coming---all this annexation--we will soon be paying for the white elephant Tyson plant and writing a big check to Troy Purnell--then checks to the Mayor for his and his mother's property--then the new parks and rec department---lots of turmoil in the town they are just trying to keep it quiet---go and ask what they had to do on Main Street near Cheers and no one will tell you what they had to do--apparently a construction screw up the town had to pay for---new vehicles for made up jobs---they have pushed poor Mary Bohlen right out of the picture--she is not the deputy administrator anymore and they hide behind "personnel matters" to not tell you what is going on---what the heck is this new title MANAGING DIRECTOR and who the heck made that up--new vehicle being purchased so he can drive it back and forth to Delmar everyday. WAKE UP BERLIN TAXPAYERS!!!

Anonymous said...

And, what about the Fire Company, that has one heck of a law suit settlement coming, just because a few rednecks can't admit they were wrong.

Anonymous said...

who cares about burlin. bulldoze it into the bay