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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Los Angeles moves to Hike Minimum Wage to $15

The nation's second largest city is the latest to join the movement to hike the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The Los Angeles City Council vote on Tuesday would phase in the increase to $15 by 2020.

An earlier proposal that would have raised the minimum to $15.25 by 2019 would have benefited 40% of L.A.'s workforce, according to the National Employment Law Project.

Tuesday's vote directs the L.A. city attorney to formally draft legislation that will then go before the same council for a vote.



Anonymous said...

Prepare to meet more order-it-yourself kiosks at the fast food'll also see fewer kids working there - they are not reliable enough to be worth $15/hr.

This is gonna be bad for the unemployment market!

Anonymous said...

Good old California. Have they not F-ed that state up enough?

Anonymous said...

10:03 - No, Peloser, Frankenstein, and Boxbrain are still there...they're not done yet!

Anonymous said...

At $15/hr, businesses can afford to be MUCH choosier about who they hire. You're not going to get TyQ'anisha glowering at you while squashing your flattened fries into a bag and cursing you just under her breath. Instead, polite, well spoken Antoine may decide to apply for the $15/hr fast food job, instead of the bank teller position.

The "unintended consequences" of a $15/hr minimum wage (especially in fast food) would probably be higher quality employees and significantly better service, but even higher unemployment amongst the surly, unskilled and marginally employable.

Which means...more on welfare.

Not to mention the dreaded four cent increase in the price of a burger.

Anonymous said...

A 50% increase in wages will equate to at least a 20% increase in the price. So that $5 dollar meal will now cost $6. Quite a bit more then "the dreaded four cent increase in the price of a burger".