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Friday, May 15, 2015

Black Bike Week: Is A Crackdown Coming?


Against the wishes of S.C. governor Nikki Haley, the annual Atlantic Beach Bikefest is set to begin on May 22 … and officials on the Grand Strand are bracing for the worst. In addition to imposing what one critic referred to as “de facto martial law,” officials have also set up a 23-mile “traffic loop” in an effort to prevent “parking lot parties.”

The loop – which wasn’t implemented for this week’s “white biker weekend” – is just one part of the response effort, though.

Grand Strand authorities plan on cracking down on the parties they claim led to last year’s violence via some broadly worded new ordinances.

“Impromptu parties, with or without alcohol, are illegal on both public and private property,” the city of Myrtle Beach, S.C. stated on its bikefest website.

Wait … what? That sounds a lot like overreach to us …

Additionally, “excessive noise, including noise created by loud music, revving engines and spinning tires” is also banned. Individuals who violate either of these ordinances – or the prohibition against consuming alcohol in a parking lot – could face up to thirty days in jail.



Anonymous said...

Boring legislatures. Time to unwind a bit - you think!

Anonymous said...

Lets see if the PT police in OCMD can handle these thugs something tells me Nope.

Anonymous said...

If you saw the mess these bikers leave behind without cleaning anything up, you would understand the business owners frustrations...Myrtle Beach Police can handle it!

Anonymous said...

Good for her - call it like it is!