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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

House Democrats Charting a Way Back to Majority

The Democrat Party is working to develop a unified message intended to help it win back the House of Representatives, Politico reported.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and its Policy and Communications Committee have been trying to come up with a cohesive line to distinguish their party from the Republicans.

Besides criticizing the Republican-controlled Congress, Democrats are looking to present an upbeat message for 2016. "There is always going to be contrast but if it's just negative, the message is not going to work," according to New York Rep. Steve Israel, a former head of the campaign committee.

"We're going to build our message on a foundation of Republicans who continue to work for special interests and Democrats who are focused on hardworking Americans," said Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Your kidding right democrats for the working class???.thats an outright lie!! they are for welfare illegals..