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Monday, July 21, 2014

West Salisbury Little League

Hi Joe.

Yesterday, the West Salisbury 12s little league All Stars won the state championship, coming out of the losers bracket to do so. This now qualifies them to compete at the regional level in Bristol, Connecticut while representing the state of Maryland. This is the last stage before qualifying for the world series held in williamsport, PA.
However, this venture is going to be a challenge, both competitively and financially. We are working to begin fundraising for the August 1-10 trip, but will assuredly need community support in sending these boys to the regionals. Would it be possible to post something that would help get the word out there? I know your blog has many faithfully followers and consists of a populous that would whole heartily support our cause. Checks can be made payable to West Salisbury Little League. Thank you in advance for any support you and your subscribers may offer.
Thank you again,

West Salisbury Parents


Anonymous said...

Good job, West Salisbury Little League. Hope you do it in Connecticut also. Go Team!

Anonymous said...

How do we keep track of West Salisbury and the other teams that have gone beyond the state champs.? What website can we follow them on?

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Unknown said...
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