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Sunday, July 13, 2014

SPD Press Release 7-5-14


Anonymous said...

Seems like I see his name floating around a lot on the "trouble guy" list! LOSER!!!!

Anonymous said...

A couple of things here are not accurate.

1) Crime is not down says Jim Ireton and Matt Maciarello

2) Blacks don't commit crimes, says liberals

3) Maryland has strict gun laws so this could not have happened.

4) These houses are rental properties in Salisbury and renters don't commit crimes.




Anonymous said...

As our school system will tell you, there are too many African Americans being punished. Since we can't stop their actions that violate rules and laws, we must stop their punishments.

Anonymous said...

I bet Obama supporters. The fact is you can not be anywhere near a decent parent/guardian/role model if you support Obama. This is not debatable. Decent, moral, principled people do NOT support Obama. Only bad people support him. First off he lies. When a parent supports a liar, this sends a message to a child. You don't want your child to develop bad habits like lying, but then forgive it in Obama.
This is Sunday and all those attending church who support Obama need to really do dome soul searching. God hates hypocrisy. You can not truly love God and church and support Obama. There is a special place waiting in hell for all these pretend Christians. The devil is chomping at the bit waiting for you all.
Obama supports abortion and gay marriage as well, both very unchristian like practices.

Anonymous said...

William Harmon Jr. is a victim they say. Poor little victim was charged numerous times with armed robbery. What about those victims!

JoeAlbero said...

NOW ASK YOURSELF, If it wasn't for Salisbury News publishing the story about Breaking News, Hostage Situation, would the SPD have published this Press Release?

In my personal opinion I firmly believe both the SPD and the WCSO are absolutely holding back on exposing the true crime in Salisbury and Wicomico County.

Anonymous said...

The MSM is driven by the far left , they are afraid to report what is true and right. It's just comes down to what everyone works for $$$$$$$$$$$$ .
To tell the truth , I don't know how I would react to a lot of money for illegals passing over my land , or criminals selling dope or many other things , a lot of money can sway a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

All Obama voters!!

Isn't it sad to think that we hard working, tax paying citizens are owned by the likes of these in this press release.

You people better wake up before it's to late.

Anonymous said...

My white butt rents. So I am a ghetto Thug? Your a true p.o.s .

Ben in Salisbury said...

The actions of a person do not reflect the actions of a similar person. THIS MEAN RENTERS, RACES, GENDERS OR RELIGIONS. Landlords need to be fair in housing, people need to treat others fairly or not at all and a belief system can't be forced feed to anyone by anything. With that said this end of Smith Street needs more police patrols to continue to disrupt the tide of ignorance and violence I've constantly seen. Thanks Joe for still trying to open someones eyes

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder how the investigation is going on the man killed in his own home on Pemberton several months ago? Wasn't his name Donald Mariner? The police never disclosed any info about the other victim nor have they been asking for help from the public to solve that crime? The police just hope people just forget.

Anonymous said...

I hope they release him on his own recognizance. #judgelogic

Anonymous said...

Mr albero: As always thank you for this blog it keeps me in the know without any liberal media spin. I do not know were you find all the time in the day to do waht you do but keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening and letting the truth be known, Ironically while listening to the crowd on the street they all seemed to know exactly what happened and where he was located, Why didn't someone tell the police?
Thanks for the police doing their duty and thanks to SBYNEWS for reporting it because the rest of the media avoided like the plague