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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Seventh-Grader Accused of Snorting Candy Will Reportedly Have Drug Possession as Part of His Permanent School Record

A New Mexico middle school student accused of inhaling ground-up Smarties candies at school last month says he has learned that his school record will now permanently reflect the charge of drug possession.

School administers last month accused Andrew Stonelake, 13, along with two other students of crushing and snorting the candies on the campus of Marshall Middle School in Clovis, New Mexico. Stonelake’s mother, Kelly Cook, said the the boy denies the charges, and that the school is overreacting.

Cook told KRQE that her son and a couple of other students had crushed up Smarties and were just “blowing smoke out at each other” and “horse playing.”



Anonymous said...

Meanwhile nothing happens to the countless black kids who physically assault teachers both in Wicomico County and the nation!

Anonymous said...

Utterly ridiculous.
Why are we taking childhood away from children?
We all did stupid things when we were young, but now it is a crime?
How can they legally do this when it was candy?

Anonymous said...

Snorting Smarties is a dumb thing to do, but he's just a kid so he has an excuse.
It adults who are taking dumb to a new level by including Smarties in the illegal drug/inhalant group.
It's not that I've ever had any faith in the public schools. Those who are hired in government schools aren't hired for their "smarties" but for their willingness to go along with the propaganda program without questioning. It's something like the brainwashed engaging in brainwashing.