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Friday, December 12, 2014

Conservative Groups Oppose $1 Trillion Spending Deal In Congress

Outside conservative groups that routinely clash with the Republican leadership are making it clear they oppose the $1 trillion end-of-the-year spending package being debated in Congress this week.

The details of the massive spending bill were finally released late Tuesday, and Congress is expected to vote on it Thursday.

Opposing the legislation, some conservatives are pointing to the riders included in the bill, which they say amount to handouts to special interests.

“Christmas has come early for the big spenders in Congress who have been experiencing long-term withdrawal from the earmark ban,” Club for Growth VP of government affairs Andy Roth told lawmakers in a memo. “This 1,603-page bill provides a ‘fix’ for these jonesing politicians who carry water for their special interest buddies.”


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Anonymous said...

THANKS YOU MR ALBERO who i spoke to last eve about this bill,,,,this was after I called the white house all 8 md reps and both senators! I told him THE ONLY MISTAKE I MADE WAS NOT CALLING HIM AS MY FIRST CALL,,,,THE WHITE HOUSE SHOULD HAVE BEEN 2ND,,,NO LAST! See these timelines it appears you have a few more hours to call and I encourage you to post a comment first THEN CALL YOUR MD REPS IN ALL 8 DISTRICTS 6 of 8 volunteered their Reps were AGAINST THIS BILL ,,,,STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!