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Friday, October 31, 2014

Help Us To Send the Limousine Liberals Back Home On November 4th

Wicomico's taxpayers will soon get a chance to express themselves at the polls on November 4th.  Here in Wicomico we have all witnessed a massive exodus of businesses, a significant reduction in our local area workforceTaxes have skyrocketed, fees have been imposed - (flush tax), drivers licenses & tolls have all increased and now it is time for us to take the matter to the polls. 

Whose hands are dirty:  Our current slate of elected Democratic Delegates have certainly had their dirty hands on the steering wheel - let us examine some of the legislation that has been thwarted or promulgated to the detriment of Wicomico's businesses and citizens.

1.   House Bill 966 - Elected County School Board
HB 966 was to allow the people to decide who would represent them on local school issues.  The issue was to be put on a public referendum.  Certainly - Norman Conway's inaction on the issue was a deterrent to allowing free public choice.

2.  House Bill 1522 - Hotel Rental Tax and User Fees Increase
This legislation was sponsored by Norman Conway and has resulted in an increase in the hotel rental tax rate in Wicomico County - (5% to 6%).  But that was not the only increase that Wicomico residents have suffered - buried in the legislation were also provisions to increase ticket prices by imposing surcharges on events being held at the civic center.  This represents another 'blow' to our citizens pocketbooks.

3.  House Bill 1412Education - Maintenance of Effort (Repeal or override of the County's Revenue Cap) 
This piece of legislation strikes at the very heart of Wicomico's residents - as more than 70% of the voters passed the grass roots effort to put a halt to run-a-way real estate taxes.

At SBYnews our hope is that there are still enough 'William Wallaces' out there who will educate themselves on the issues - and correct the current political imbalance.  The battle cry has been sounded - and the choice will soon be yours to determine your destiny.

 Published by SBYnews Editorial Staff


Anonymous said...

It seems all is lost now , hope for the best .
Your children's future depends on the outcome of this election.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I will have my vengance if not in this life time the next !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe, I'm a Democrat. I've voted for Norm several times. I'm active in the Democratic Club of Wicomico County. I will never be a Republican. But I just cannot vote for Norm Conway again. He has been very disappointing. I am in the Democrats for Anderton group.

Anonymous said...

What about the massive loss of jobs here in Wicomico. Dresser, Crown Cork & Seal, Jody's Manufacturing, Purity Bacon, Standard Register, Bayliner Maximus, I have seen the list on SBYnews and it is massive. IT IS ABOUT TIME TO SEND HIS ASS HOME.

Anonymous said...

There certainly appears to be more than enough reasons for me not to vote for Conway. He's been there far to long anyway.