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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cops: Elderly Man Justified in Shooting, Killing Robber Who Attacked Wife

Man defends family, while exercising right to self-defense

A Texas man will not be charged by police after he shot a robber who attacked his wife in the parking lot of a grocery store, a perfect example of why concealed carry handgun laws and the Second Amendment are vital.

On Tuesday night, the bandit, 36-year-old Mike Angel Carmillio, parked in a handicap spot outside of the Aldi supermarket in North Dallas, waiting for someone with a disability to present the chance to pull off an easy theft.



Anonymous said...

YEEE HAAWWWW git 'em boys.

Anonymous said...

MD doesn't want it's citizen dependency on the b.s. criminal justice system to decline. That would put a lot of folks out of business.