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Monday, September 15, 2014

7 Right-Wing Christians Who Got Their Comeuppance in Hilarious Ways

The arc of justice is long, and sometimes it has a wickedly ironic sense of humor. In the case of these seven religious, right-wing pastors, preachers, lawmakers, and lobbyists, the more sanctimonious they are about everybody else’s marriage and sex habits, the more likely they are to wind up disgraced over their own.

1. Jonathan Saenz

Jonathan Saenz is best known as the leader of Texas Values, an anti-LGBT advocacy organization in the Lone Star State. In 2011 Saenz was conscripted to head the group when it split from its parent organization, where Saenz was a lobbyist. He quickly mounted campaigns opposing gay marriage and anti-discrimination ordinances and spread invective about gays and lesbians wanting to send Christians to internment camps.

But it appears his rampant homophobia springs less from pious ideology than from petty personal grievance. In fact, his homophobia seemed to have been contracted right around the time his wifesued him for divorce while dating another woman.

Saenz didn’t take news of his wife’s new girlfriend well. He moved to ban her from being around the couple’s children, and attempted to force his wife to undergo expensive psychiatric evaluation—a process he tried to get out of paying for. Saenz countersuit, alleging his wife’s fault in the divorce for adultery, went nowhere. Now he’s stuck exacting his revenge by trying to keep others from marrying.


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Anonymous said...

A little comeuppance for these religious zealots, who are in it for the money, not the ethics.