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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Obama’s Unkept Promise to 9/11 Families: Releasing the 28 Pages

Americans have grown accustomed to broken promises from politicians. And yet, some lapses are so striking that they can muster indignation from even the most jaded political observer. Case in point: President Obama’s personal assurances to 9/11 family members—on two separate occasions—that he would declassify a 28-page finding on foreign government support of the hijackers.
“I will get them released”

It’s one thing to neglect a broad policy promise made in the heat of an election, and another thing altogether to renege on a personal commitment to 9/11 family members—but that’s precisely what Obama is doing, based on accounts provided by Kristen Breitweiser and Bill Doyle, who each lost loved ones in the September 11 attacks.

Breitweiser—whose husband, Ronald Breitweiser, worked in the South Tower of the World Trade Center and was the father of a then-two-year old girl—told the Philadelphia Inquirer Obama’s assurance to her came at a meeting with 9/11 survivors at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in February 2009, just weeks after he’d taken office:

“We had opportunities to raise our hands and ask questions, and I asked him whether he would be interested in releasing the 28 pages, because for years we had been trying to get President Bush to do it,” said Breitweiser…

Obama “said absolutely, I don’t see why not. The bottom line is he agreed to do it, and he gave me and the rest of the world his promise,”
Breitweiser said.



Anonymous said...

Do not believe anything coming from Obama's mouth. He is a proven liar.

ginn said...

The September 11th 'attack on America' has been a thought provokingly poignant issue with me for quite a few years. WhoTF actually attacked us?
I firmly believe that hidden within these 28 classified pages is enough evidence to force criminal charges so far reaching it would topple his(Obama) regime starting at the DOJ. Simply because the American people would demand justice, putting that dept. squarely in "O'Shitzville". Bush and Cheney's plot would be exposed for what it was., a move against the United States and it's people to further gov't control.
Let's not forget now, this issue, this episode in history, is why this country is experiencing militarized police, everywhere! We were sold a bill of goods with The Homeland Security Act of 2002. This law was to protect us from "Terrorists" but look who has become the terrorist., YOU have. This single act thrust our whole nation in the direction we've headed. You can thank George Bush, Dick Cheney and the 107th Congress, the 108th Congress removed the sunset clause and fully funded the DHS.
No., these pages have as much chance of seeing the light of day as you have of getting a guided tour of Area 51.
I urge anyone who has any questions to open mindedly watch LOOSE_CHANGE_DOCUMENTARY
_2ND_EDITION as well as review MSM reports of the time.
Listen to the facts, look at the scenes, couple it with what you see today in America. Pay particular attention to the 'white plane' above the towers. Consider the fall time of the towers and consider the recent findings of 'beam weapon' involvement with foreign gov'ts. And, the many, many other inconsistencies within this attack. Just one point in fact is; why did the steel go to China so quickly as to not even allow a study? It goes on and on...
This one single incident in US history and it's fallout is far, far more ravaging to you then most care to acknowledge or believe.