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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Solar Activity Could Cause Global Warming, New Paper Says

The impact of carbon dioxide on climate change may have been overstated, with solar activity giving a better explanation of changes in the Earth's temperature, according to Chinese scientists.

A new paper published in the Chinese Science Bulletin has found a "high correlation between solar activity and the Earth's averaged surface temperature over centuries," suggesting that climate change is intimately linked with solar cycles rather than human activity.

The paper, written in Chinese, says that there is also a "significant correlation" between solar activity over the past century and an increase in Earth's surface temperatures over the same period. The correlation between solar activity and water temperature is even higher than the correlation between solar activity and land temperature.

The paper, by Dr Zhao Xinhua and Dr Feng Xueshang, adds that a peer-reviewer said the results "provide a possible explanation for the global warming".



Daddio said...

You mean, someone FINALLY decided that the bright orb in the sky MIGHT have something to do with how warm it gets??


Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading the global warming comments.There should be at least a dozen by 10 PM.

Anonymous said...

you mean sun solar flares actually warm up the earth and when they have less flares is cools the earth?

OH my god, the world is going to end!!!

Anonymous said...

Means a lot coming from these people: Chinese scientists have warned that the country's toxic air pollution is now so bad that it resembles a nuclear winter, slowing photosynthesis in plants – and potentially wreaking havoc on the country's food supply.

Anonymous said...

Lefties are so dumb.

Anonymous said...

It should be interesting to see what the results are for this year since the sun is in a historically very quiet stage.

Anonymous said...

It is because you don't know the difference between weather and climate YOU DUMMIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha. This is too funny coming from the Chinese. Any excuse to not worry about the smog they spew into the atmosphere. I have worked in Shanghai where the pollution is so bad sometimes you can't even see the buildings across the street. You're actually terrified to breathe sometimes.