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Thursday, July 31, 2014

California Health Insurance Rates Rise Up to 88% From Last Year

Healthcare insurance premiums for individuals in California rose between 22 percent and 88 percent in 2014 from last year, even after the federal healthcare overhaul, the state’s insurance commissioner said.

The rate increases, with variation for geography and age, were masked by federal subsidies that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides to 88 percent of the 1.4 million Californians who purchased healthcare through the state’s exchange, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said.



Anonymous said...

All you happy Obama voters in Cal., have a great day!

Anonymous said...

But Obama said people were going to see a decrease-$2500 to be exact. Such a liar.
Vote straight Republican. At this point in time the worst Republican is far far better than ANY democrat.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget you can keep your insurance plan.

Stu Stinchfield said...

2:37 I'm not sure your right about the worst republican being better than a democrat.The democrats only care about what the government can do for them.As long as the freebees keep coming in they wouldn't care if stalin was running the country and they just about admit it,as a matterof fact some of the lesser educated do admit it. My problem is with RINOS who are just as bad as democrats but don't admit it.