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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

N.Korea Furious About Kim Jong-un Dance Video

North Korea has asked China to stop the spread of a video clip lampooning leader Kim Jong-un.

According to a source in China on Tuesday, the North feels the clip, which shows Kim dancing and Kung-Fu fighting, "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority."

Beijng was unable to oblige.

The viral video is a Chinese-language techno track that features various dance and fight scenes in which Kim's head has been magicked on the body of a participant. In one scene, the eternally smiling Kim is knocked out by U.S. President Barack Obama, while in another he has a bucket upturned on his head and is pushed into a swimming pool.

In a third he dances through a field hand in hand with Osama Bin Laden.


Anonymous said...

I like the Carlton dance. Nice sweater.

Anonymous said...

It may help his image.

Anonymous said...

Not as good as his cake meme's. He's an irrelevant douche, so meh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A good laugh is good anytime!
Reminds me of the U.S. leadership.

Ben in Salisbury said...

The Carlton was awesome and for the dip headed ruler DWI Deal With It

I would by the song to support the use of comedy

Anonymous said...

Off topic....Look up the pepsi new generation commericial with Michael Jackson. They show him with some young boys dancing in the street. The little boy in the red jacket is Carlton! He really can dance lol