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Monday, May 19, 2014

SPD Press Release 5-19-14


Anonymous said...

Jim is this the best you can do to reduce crime. What about the shootings, stabbings and murders. You are pathetic as a mayor. As a matter of fact you are pathetic as a human.

Anonymous said...

And Amanda came from a decent family. All I can say is desperate people do desperate things in hard times. I know they were wrong, but I can't judge them.

Anonymous said...

Are'nt a few of these repeat offenders who have been pictured here before?

irritated Democrat Obama/Hillary Voter said...

I voted for Obama because he said everything I have to pay for should be "free to me."

So why are we arresting people for taking free stuff?

Anonymous said...

1:44 PM:

I'm sure that if these people had stopped by the mayor's office before going to the store to steal that he would have talked them out of it.
Otherwise, who can control this kind of crime before it happens? Could you?
If you find someone, let us know.