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Monday, May 19, 2014

NSCC Director Appointment

Mayor James Ireton, Jr. is pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Phillips as the Director of Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance Director

Salisbury Mayor, James Ireton, Jr., is pleased to announce that he is appointing Susan Phillips as the new Director of Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance Department. Ms. Phillips started her career with the City of Salisbury in 1995 with the Department of Building, Housing and Zoning. In 2005, she was promoted to Code Enforcement Officer. Since the creation of Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance in 2006, she has held the position of Housing Supervisor. Ms. Phillips has worked in the capacity of Interim-Director of Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance since July 2013.

Ms. Phillips currently chairs the Neighborhood Services Task Force, serves as the Secretary to the Salisbury Historic District Commission and sits on various boards and committees throughout the city and state; such as the Mayors Safe Streets Coalition. Susan serves on the Maryland Municipal League’s Hometown Emergency Ad-Hoc Committee, and is a member of the Maryland Code Enforcement and Zoning Officers Association (CEZOA), and the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE).

Ms. Phillips holds an Associates of Arts degree in General Studies from Wor-Wic Community College, and is a Political Science major at Salisbury University.

“Susan Phillips’ experience and knowledge, of a department she helped build, is unparalleled. She has a vision for where and how she wants this department to grow. Additionally, she is keenly aware of the expectation of our citizens when it comes to safe and code compliant neighborhoods. Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance is the first line of defense against blight and an integral part of Salisbury’s continued revitalization, “said Mayor James Ireton, Jr.  

Publishers Notes: Congratulations Susan. Well deserved and well earned. 


Anonymous said...

These credentials are obviously better than Tom Stevenson's. Maybe she should have been appointed the City Executive.

Anonymous said...

She needs to send an inspector out to the Mayor's neighborhood. I took a walk around the Johnson Lake area for a change of scenery and saw multiple vacant properties in addition to many homes with grass at least 8 to 10 inches high Just another neighborhood going downhill fast.

Anonymous said...

She needs to order her code compliance officers to actually ENFORCE city code at Merrifield Apartments!
Standing water from leaks and runoff under our buildings is still causing this horrendous MOLD and roach problem and city inspectors refuse to inspect the sump pumps! They actually REFUSED to do their job! Meanwhile, people here are literally suffering health problems and NO ONE will help. Management just laughs when tenants complain. Floors are rotting and people have fallen through the mold rotted and termite eaten wood.
How about it Mrs. Phillips?

Anonymous said...

Jim Ireton doesn't make them enforce the code anymore unless he doesn't like someone.

What happened to the Slum Property of the Week?

Proves that Jim Ireton has been bought by the Slum Lords.

Anonymous said...

Neither one of them are qualified to hold their positions.