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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Extremely Awesome

1. Add outlets to drawers to keep clutter off of the table top.

2. Add a half-table to your bathroom for extra storage space.

3. Build a free library for your neighbors.

4. Put heat-sensitive tile in your shower… just because.

5. Make the space your fake drawers take up functional.

6. Fake drawers are also a great spot for extra outlets.

7. Add a shelf to a long hallway for extra storage space.

8. Save space with collapsable drying racks.
9. Install dutch doors so you can watch your kids/pets without baby gates.

10. Add a sun tunnel to rooms you wish had more natural sunlight.

11. Buy a toilet seat where everyone can have their own tab.

 12. If your garage is adjacent to your kitchen, add a little door to make unloading groceries easier.

13. Use stainless steel contact paper to make your appliances look more expensive.

14. Decorate the foundation of your home to make it pretty and functional.

15. Use recessed outlets so you can put your furniture against the wall.

16. Install your outlets underneath your cabinets so you don’t ruin your backsplash.

17. Replace your current shower head with this unique one.

18. Use slide-out drawers in the home for spices and pantry items.

19. Open a small tunnel to connect two rooms.

20. Instead of bunk beds, install classy murphy beds for your kids.

21. Add a small cabinet to extra space in the kitchen for cleaning supply storage.

22. Replace your old house numbers with modern fonts.

23. Put a sign on your bathroom so guests know where it is.

24. Add a simple window seat to the landing of your staircase.

25. Make your porch lights fancy with a chandelier.

26. Hide away appliances behind sliding doors.

 27. Use kitchen drawers as cutting boards you can hide.

28. Use a slide-away step in your bathroom instead of a stepstool.

29. Stools on hinges save room in the kitchen.

30. Build drawers in the wasted space between studs in the wall.


Anonymous said...

Some better ideas in READ MORE. The first two didn't impress.

Anonymous said...

None of them would really work in my mobile home. Ideas for wealthy people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
None of them would really work in my mobile home. Ideas for wealthy people.

April 5, 2014 at 9:01 PM

You must live in a trailer, but you have your internet.

Anonymous said...

Most of these are indeed for people with more money than me. And would have to be done at time of construction. Cool anyway.