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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cops or Soldiers?? Or Psychopaths?

America’s police have become too militarised

FROM the way police entered the house—helmeted and masked, guns drawn and shields in front, knocking down the door with a battering ram and rushing inside—you might think they were raiding a den of armed criminals. In fact they were looking for $1,000-worth of clothes and electronics allegedly bought with a stolen credit card. They found none of these things, but arrested two people in the house on unrelated charges.

They narrowly avoided tragedy. On hearing intruders break in, the homeowner’s son, a disabled ex-serviceman, reached for his (legal) gun. Luckily, he heard the police announce themselves and holstered it; otherwise, “they probably would have shot me,” he says. His mother, Sally Prince, says she is now traumatised.



Anonymous said...

natinal civilian military force is what this is, and obama told you this was comming and this is what he wanted and he got it...

he knew the military who died to fight for freedom will not do what he wants... Specially when ti involves taking rights away and shooting civilians for no reason...

he knows if unrest comes, only the police will take us out not the military...

lmclain said...

Believe this --- they would have killed anyone who resisted or confronted them. When they show up like that, consider it death at your door.
Over CLOTHES?! They couldn't just knock on the door and tell the occupants what they are there for, as in "we have a search warrant for blah, blah blah..."?
Come on, Tinkerbell --- EVERY citizen (you know, the ones you claim to "serve") is NOT waiting behind the door with a .357 and wants to shoot ANYONE, especially over CLOTHES.
If you are so damn afraid of what's behind door #1, get another job. Just stop thinking everything is a SWAT team encounter that needs 6-15 men with automatic weapons. You are killing TOO MANY unarmed citizens in your zeal to show us who's boss. And in your mistaken idea of what is a threat.
Like the police found out in Texas, you don't get to kick in everyone's door and not expect some citizens to blast you into the next realm (which a Grand Jury said was a perfectly correct reaction to that kind of chaotic assault). God, I love this country. Especially Texas.

Anonymous said...

If you live by the sword die by the sword...That is all

Anonymous said...

6:25 especially those unarmed citizen's that were killed.
What sword were they living by?