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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ron Paul Asks Of The Fed: "When Will This Madness Stop?"

Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen testified before Congress for the first time since replacing Ben Bernanke at the beginning of the month. Her testimony confirmed what many of us suspected, that interventionist Keynesian policies at the Federal Reserve are well-entrenched and far from over. Mrs. Yellen practically bent over backwards to reassure Wall Street that the Fed would continue its accommodative monetary policy well into any new economic recovery. The same monetary policy that got us into this mess will remain in place until the next crisis hits.

Isn't it amazing that the same people who failed to see the real estate bubble developing, the same people who were so confident about economic recovery that they were talking about “green shoots” five years ago, the same people who have presided over the continued destruction of the dollar's purchasing power never suffer any repercussions for the failures they have caused? They treat the people of the United States as though we were pawns in a giant chess game, one in which they always win and we the people always lose. No matter how badly they fail, they always get a blank check to do more of the same.



Anonymous said...

Nobody cares...Ron Paul is, and has always been, "spot on" on every issue..Nobody on the Left or the Right is going to admit it....Dr. Paul identified the problem way back..America had its chance to elect an honest President and, it failed to do so..

Anonymous said...

Only thing now if they do quit printing it will bring on the worst of all fears. Any retirement funds pinned to Market investments will vanish overnight.

You lose while the vipers sell short on their position they attained -by using your income and the Fiat stimulus to boost the markets.

I read where George Soros has a 1.5 Billion dollar short Position on the S&P Index alone. He will make exponentially more with his manipulations. His influence and access is criminal.

Anonymous said...

11:22 any idiot can see what is going on. However the public is consumed with the daily dose of Pop Culture worship and the toils of everyday life all fed to them by the media the same thieves own.

We all can see the destruction going on when you read about people void of education skills and initiative raking in $20 an hour plus free healthcare and benefits that seem to evolve on a monthly basis.

Ron Paul's supporters stayed home on election day instead of supporting the lesser of 2 evils. I blame him for the triangulation that use to be the only way a Democrat Marxist could win a National Election. If you stayed home you totally own a chunk of the despair and actually deserve it. Saying Mitt Romney was no different than Barack Obama was about as ignorant a thought process as I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

4:36 as a ron paul supporter, I did not stay home, and voted for the lesser evil. but thank you for your generalization and finger pointing to us independents.

Anonymous said...

No worries, when the bubble pops Obama will just initiate a 13.8 trillion dollar bailout with taxpayer IOU money. The US will be further in debt and the economy paralyzed, our creditors China, Japan and Europe will own even more of our debt, we won't know where 90% of the bailout money went and the Fed will start the vicious cycle over again or try to, there is only some much blood you can get out of a turnip.
Bottom line, we're screwed, it’s only a matter of time before the economy crashes and the government declares Marshall Law. It doesn’t take an economist to see the writing on the wall.

Anonymous said...

4:36 Ron Paul supporters didn't stay home and didn't cost Romney the election, the 5 million Republicans that threw a hissy fit and stayed home because Romney wasn't Conservative enough, cost Romney the election. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

7:56 you are one of the few exceptions to the rule.. too bad you own a chunk of the despair via proxy.

Anonymous said...

I didn't stay home, I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, then Gary Johnson in the General; two people who actually deserved the job!

While you pu$$ies either stayed home or voted for the lesser of 2 evils.

Shame on you! If Gary Johnson was our president, do you think we'd be in the pickle we're in now?

Heck, no!