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Friday, February 21, 2014

Pizza Hut Closes Down After Video Shows District Manager Using The Kitchen Sink As A Urinal

Food and bathroom behavior just don’t mix — especially at a restaurant that’s serving paying customers. So it’s no wonder video footage of a Pizza Hut employee in West Virginia peeing into the kitchen sink — the same one used to wash utensils and supplies — has prompted health officials to shut down that location to investigate.

In the video, via, a man looks like he’s just checking something on a computer and then oh, there he goes, walking over to the deep sink and undoes his pants… and relieves himself. Sigh, gross, and sigh again.

Pizza Hut has confirmed that the fellow shown in the surveillance footage is a Pizza Hut District Manager.



Anonymous said...

That procedure is probably somewhere in the blue book procedure manual at PH

Anonymous said...

Managers special Free Toppings

Anonymous said...

Not even close to what some people do at restaurants.

Anonymous said...

And, the buzzer didn't bother to was his hands, either.

Anonymous said...

Most of the restaurants around here use illegal aliens as cooks... they do some nasty stuff back there, and everyone is clueless. Keep eating out folks.