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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Washington Post's Readers Are Already Freaking Out At Having to See The Volokh Conspiracy In Their Little Cocooned Cult

That didn't take very long at all, now did it.

The hive reacts frantically and angrily at signs of a foreign presence.

I open up the “Saturday Morning Headlines” email and this is at the top. Is the WashPo going gun nut? They hired what looks like a teenage law professor? “Negroes and the Gun”?? What? And what the hell is a Volokh Conspiracy?

You go to read NEWS, and you get BIZARRE. That’s the internet for ya. Too bad it’s happening at the Washington Post. Yet another sign of decadence.

Eugene Volokh answers him with far greater bonhomie than I could ever hope to manage.

Volokh tries to reassure him that the new libertarian/conservative leaning blog will be offering Washington Post readers solid facts, novel arguments, and fresh perspectives, some of them quite strong and possibly even quite convincing.

I hate to tell him this but: They know that's what you're offering to the public. That's the problem.

Thanks to @tsrblke.

[Update - Andy:] I was about to double-post the Head Ewok on this. Glad I looked.

But this needs a screenshot. Like I said on Twitter, it's like I died and woke up in schadenheaven.


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