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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Record Growth For Privacy Search Engines In Wake Of NSA Revelations

“Snowden Effect” Sees Web Browsers Steering Clear Of Big Names

When you “Google” something, you do not necessarily have to Google it, particularly if the NSA has backdoor access to your search terms. That’s what record numbers of web users are discovering as they flock to privacy oriented search engines in the wake of Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s ongoing leaks.

In 2013, the search engines StartPage.comand saw their traffic numbers double, with more than 5 million total daily searches, amounting to over 1.25 billion searches for the year. Now the operators of those services say they are bracing for record numbers of new users in 2014.

“Every time Edward Snowden shares a new revelation about government spying, we get an influx of new users,” said company spokesperson and privacy expert Dr. Katherine Albrecht. “He has promised to reveal more in 2014, and from what we’ve heard, he’s got two more years of content, at least.”

Albrecht, a regular guest on the Alex Jones show told Infowars “Consumers are rightfully outraged that governments are eavesdropping on those services and commandeering access to those databases.”



Anonymous said...

Without my saying it,you would not believe the most recent allegation made by Snowden re the US.Iran believes it big time & has published it in one of their main news agencies.

Anonymous said...

Was using ixquick way before Snowden. What some people call paranoia other call a heightened sense of awareness.

Anonymous said...

I use duckduckgo. I'm told it is the same no memory, but I don't know.

I'm damn well sure not to use google!