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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Ted Nugent declares, 'The gift of firepower is the gift that never stops giving'

With the Christmas shopping orgy well under way, never forget that the ultimate gifts that keep on giving throughout life for young and old are guns.

For the young boys and girls, cap guns and holsters, nerf guns, toy bows and arrows with the suction cup arrows and other assorted toy guns and associated accessories are the obvious choice.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to teach your rootin’ tootin’ boys and girls how to quick draw their cap guns and how to twirl them on one finger Roy Rogers style.
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Anonymous said...

My grandson shot me in the head with some kind of "harmless" nerf gun that cocked like a pump shotgun.The nerf bullets were plastic tipped.That thing stung like heck.It holds 6 bullets that he can shoot as fast as he can cock it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! I'm getting my pre teen daughter a rifle. What better way to promote education, safety, and a fun hobbie!

Anonymous said...

go ted. and I know for sure he believes in schooling all children in gun safety...

Anonymous said...

For toys We had to use sticks with machine gun sounds..cap guns or those crappy disc shooter or plastic pee shooters..but some of these toys today are as danergous as BB Guns and the youth should be of age to handle em with proper training and safety rules

Anonymous said...

When exactly was it when Americans got to be so stupid they had to be taught everything everyone else knew because they had common sense and a parent or someone else to teach them?

I used to walk miles upon miles when younger and I wanted to go hunting. I carried my shotgun or rifle everywhere I went and guess what?

No school children got shot, no person at all got shot. I didn't worry about the number of ammo either could hold.

Me and other friends went hunting and shooting together, and no one got mad or whatever and started shooting randomly.

I didn't need a piece of paper certifying I had enough training to use any weapon. Friends and family were my teachers.

Now you need a piece of paper to do just about anything short of breathing.

The guns haven't changed. So it must be the people, common sense, or people in power who do not possess these things and assumes, wrongly, no one does either.

We have legislated ourselves into a bubble. And even that bubble has to be certified by the EPA, FBI, OSHA, and in certain areas, the unions.

This country is filled to the brim of whiney, scared, ignorant little man-child's.

If those people need a piece of paper that badly, let it be a man card. IF they could pass that test.