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Monday, October 28, 2013

Hillary Builds Her Liberal Firewall

Buzz Cut:
• Hillary builds her liberal firewall
• As pressure mounts, Sebelius stays out of town
• If Obama had to be on ObamaCare
• Phishing for an apology
• Oh, the indignity!

HILLARY BUILDS HER LIBERAL FIREWALL - Hillary Clinton was the star attraction at the ultra-liberal Center for American Progress’ annual gala, what the group calls its “Progressive Party.” Clinton, who was tossed aside by liberal voters in the 2008 Democratic primaries, isn’t taking any chances for 2016. “Progressive ideas have helped make this country the greatest force for human liberty, dignity and opportunity the world has ever known,” she said. She also noted the country’s challenges, which leave it “careening from crisis to crisis” and said she sought a strategy based on “data and evidence, not ideology.” Clinton joked of the group’s 10th anniversary: “When does the cake come out? I was going to jump out of the cake.” Watch video from the group here.



Anonymous said...

Democrats. Hillary 16!

Share it. Plaster it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hill will be dumped again. Most American's wanted to see the first black president in office. However, I'd bet a majority of Americans do not want her as the first woman president. The only way she can win is if she uses the same cheater model BO used.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a criminal. She was involved in a stock market scheme in the 80's that made her a lot of money. It was done underhedandly by her and Tyson to try and hide the fact that she was getting paid off. Rules were put into place to prevent any one else from being able to make money illegally this way.

Anonymous said...

12:51 Duh! I meant underhandedly...