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Monday, October 28, 2013

Common Core

As Jeannie and I campaign across our great state, we meet thousands of Marylanders who tell us they feel “forgotten” by their state government.

They say they are tired of a never-ending liberal agenda that overwhelms them with more taxes, more spending, more regulations and more intrusion into their daily lives.

One such intrusion we are hearing about is the growing dissatisfaction with the latest education fad to come down from the federal government called Common Core State Standards. The state education department’s rapid acceptance of this federally funded takeover scheme is now getting heightened pushback from teachers’ unions, principals, and parents, not only in Maryland, but in New York, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky and Michigan.

Both Jeannie and I have strong views on the adoption of Common Core. It is a subject we have been addressing on the campaign trail and feel you should know about.

Throughout the coming months, we will be updating you on a number of issues. We’ll also be telling you about special events in your area, what’s happening on the campaign trail, and how you can be part of our campaign. Enjoy!

David and Jeannie


Anonymous said...

Fad is an accurate label.

Common Core = Hollow Core

Anonymous said...

So, you have "Strong Views". Are they strong FOR or AGAINST Common core? You make no case here.

Anonymous said...

What about guns? What are you gonna do about the new bs laws? I would like to see them reversed.