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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Does This Sound Similar To Salisbury's Downtown Parking Lots?

County's purchase of apartments concerns Oakland Mills residents

The Howard County Housing Commission's plans to purchase an apartment complex near the Oakland Mills Village Center has some residents concerned that the community is being targeted for low- to moderate-income housing.

The commission is finalizing this month a contract to acquire Verona Apartments, a 251-unit complex located off Whiteacre Road, for $39.5 million, according to Tom Carbo, the county's director of Housing and Community Services.

"People are very concerned that the plans will increase the amount of low-income housing," said Bill Gray, chair of the Oakland Mills Village Board of Directors. "I think what they are doing is targeting and concentrating, which would significantly increase the stress in the community."

Carbo said, "There's no basis for those concerns. We don't anticipate any changes except for some minor improvements. ... It's a property we wanted to be able preserve and a project that can help the commission maintain its revenue streams."



Anonymous said...

Taxpayer funded housing for the soon to be legal immigrants that big chicken will pay less than its current employees. Illegals are just a fresh source of cheap revenue for big business.

Anonymous said...

Downtown Salisbury at peak periods is tight for parking, especially if you want to be close to your destination. Reducing the available spaces is foolish, especially if more commercial activity is expected or desired.

On the other hand, if the mayor is hoping to plant an Eastern Shore version of Cabrini-Green he has the correct template.

Problem is so many folks would avoid the city like a plague that SPD wouldn't have near enough off-budget speed camera cash to pay for all the new enforcement toys they'd need.

Be careful what you wish for...

Anonymous said...

Ireton will do what he wants. IMO downtown is a memory, not a future.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to get the whole picture. As I sit back and watch life unfold I see that America as we knew it is no more. The future of this country is government medicine, government housing, government rules and regs because the next generation has nothing to look forward to. In the past each generation always believed they would do better than their parents generation. Today they know there is no chance of this happening and they look to assistance for every aspect of their lives. More adult children are moving in with parents and carrying huge debt loads in spite of the assistance they receive from parents. What happens when this all dries up? We must be ready for a totally dependent generation of adults. The government is stepping in and offering to be that crutch. We have never seen the cost of such a thing in this country but we are getting glimpses of it today. The more government runs your life the more they expect to OWN you.
Remember, Where much is given much is expected in return.