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Thursday, August 15, 2013

O’Malley To Announce Replacement Of 81-Year-Old Dover Bridge On Eastern Shore

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) planned to announce on Friday a $50 million commitment to replace the Dover Bridge, an 81-year-old swing-span structure on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that has become a symbol of the state’s inability to fund its transportation needs.

The existing bridge across the Choptank River just outside Easton has long been prone to mechanical malfunctions, resulting in colossal traffic backups. Despite strong support for replacing the bridge among local lawmakers, the project stalled under O’Malley and two previous governors.

“I’ve been fighting for a new Dover Bridge since 1994,” said state Sen. Richard F. Colburn (R-Dorchester), one of several lawmakers briefed about O’Malley’s plans to move forward with a replacement. “I couldn’t be more ecstatic.” 



Anonymous said...

The hell with him and his funding of a bridge.This governor has done nothing great for Maryland just the same as Obama has done nothing great for this country.Tax and spend with no clear direction on how to balance a budget!

Anonymous said...

That guy is a flaming socialist. The eastern shore should suceed from maryland. We are nothing like the evil western shore...bunch of damn entitlement liberals that want nothing more than to.give away their individiual.rights in exchange for a government handout.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to talk about the 30 million he has pi@##$% away on the wastewater treatment system at ECI just because his former secratary of the environment wanted to look tough?

Anonymous said...

funny how the money was there when her took office and he took the funds to do something on the western shore. Now it is his great idea to for a much needed new bridge there.

Anonymous said...

Colburn fought the good fight. Meanwhile, people always talk about how important Norm Conway being appropriations chair is and this is yet another example of Norm not acting in the best interest of the eastern shore. His position could have pushed this through at least a decade ago. Remember this the next time someone brings up his "influence". Norm does what the Democrats tell him to do. His time for retirement is at hand.