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Friday, August 02, 2013

Obama Promises To Help Congressional Staffers Avoid Obamacare

Washington has been abuzz for months over the fear and loathing that Congressional staffers have for Obamacare. Many staffers and employees on Capitol Hill have been saying they'll have to quit Washington if they are forced into Obamacare. Now the President is promising to fix it all for them.

At the very beginning of his closed-door meeting with Senate Democrats, the President addressed staffers' worries that Obamacare will force them to quit working in Washington, promising "I'm on it."

Currently congressional staffers have 75 percent of their healthcare insurance paid by taxpayers, but if their Cadillac Congressional healthcare plan is ended and staffers are pushed into Obamacare, many Congressional employees fear that their insurance costs will increase by thousands of dollars a year. This cost, many say, will force them to quit working in Washington.




We should March to DC and kick some butt

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites...this is what the left does...YOU will do and act as we say, but WE do what we want, because we know better, you are too stupid and just do what you are told...

Anonymous said...

They don't want it for themselves but want to shove it down our throat, sounds like a low budget porn flick. Obama has done nothing but make me reluctant to vote for democratic African Americans at all.

Anonymous said...

In other words they'll suffer the same fate as the rest of the poor slobs all across the country that Obamacare is supposedly gonna help.

Too bad; so sad.

It is a bad sign indeed when the courtiers want to vote or Executive Order themselves benefits, privileges or exemptions not available to all citizens.

Anonymous said...

Just let them "quit Washington". Washington has "quit" on this nation for the past 5 years, if not longer.

We need a 50% cut in local/state and federal government employees, along with the entitlement programs they represent.

Won't happen, but until then, let's just keep pushing off the inevitable collapse.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Muslims are also exempt from Obamacare. It's written in the law.