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Friday, July 26, 2013

Why Do Americans Praise Troops Who Are Sent To Invade The Middle East?

Americans praise and put those troops on a pedestal like they are doing America a favor and protecting it by invading other countries......American citizens If you are so against violence like 9/11 then why would you cause more violence in other countries?

Ignorance is bliss for many of you Americans.... You like to complain about other countries, whilst you don't look at yourself first and see that you're the one behind your violence & not anyone else.

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Fear. The US economy now depends on the military economy. Without wars, the entire US economy will collapse. The only way to get the people to support wars is fear.

Once the people are scared, they pick sides and see their military as protectors. They're even convinced their military is in some kind of extreme danger. The KIA rate for deployed soldiers per year in Iraq and Afghanistan has actually been lower than the overall death rate of average US citizens in America, but they don't teach math very well in US schools.

About 3000 New Yorkers were killed in 2001 by the freak success of a primitive terrorist group. Oh no, they'll kill us all!!! Well, in fact, over 10,000 Americans die every single day... 15,000 are killed every year by other Americans... 20,000 by staph in their local hospital, and hundreds of thousands by their own bad eating habits. You could completely ignore every terrorist on Earth and they'd have a hard time adding significantly to that. Ignoring them is the intelligent response anyhow, because it deprives them of their goal which is attention. But people would rather be scared than intelligent. So all they think about is, oh no, the terrorists are gonna get us, and they allow the government to send its all-professional, no conscript military on an eternal mission to fight the terrorists. The American military is made up of the most authority-obeying, government-loving, compliant geeks in the country, so they readily believe that they're on an important mission to protect their countrymen from the one in a million chance that a terrorist might kill them.

Now, many of us Americans know better than that, but we're supposed to join team A over team B in a state of war, otherwise the soldiers' feelings will be hurt. And they'll say things like, we're fighting for you, we're doing what you don't have the balls to do, it's because of us that you have freedom, commie, pinko, ******, etc. etc.. The hostility over not kissing the troops' asses is so extreme and heavy that few people dare to do it. I'm an exception, and I don't imagine this answer will be any more popular than your question, which you picked a hell of a place to ask.

The US military fights for the president, not the people. They usually believe the people actually choose the president, but ignorance is no excuse. Their oath to the military was voluntary, so they're still responsible for what the president orders them to do. Being soldiers doesn't excuse them from being judged as men.


Brian said...

You were a very big part in the homecoming of not only myself but many other veterans in the local area. I myself believe that war is a unwanted but most definitely needed evil. We who choose to go put our lives on the line do so for our own reasons. I did it for the reassurance that my family and friends and Countrymen don't have to be afraid to get on a plane or go to a sporting event. Unfortunately there are people in this world that do not cherish life as much as others. well I for one do and regardless of who calls the shots in a war. I stand by my reasons and have never once asked for nor expected a thank you or praise from anybody. So when people like this post stuff its because there day to day life has not been impacted by an act of terror or a random crime. it really is a shame. But they are allowed to believe what they want. I'm slightly disappointed that you posted this seeing all the good you have done with returning local members of our military.

JoeAlbero said...
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JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 3:39, I published it because I/We want to see how the Eastern Shore feels about it.

There are MANY articles we publish I do NOT agree with. I do so because I think it's healthy to get the input locally, let others see how others are thinking and comment about it.

As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and being for your service.

Anonymous said...

I think the writer is aware that there are much larger forces at work then most people understand.

Killing is wrong unless you are defending your life.

I would be much happier with less police, less military, a lot less federal government, and my gun.

Happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

we praise and honor our troops because if their service to our nation and the many sacrifices they make in that regard