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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Major Newspapers Turn Down Pro-Life Ad, Baby Image 'Too Controversial'

Liberal newspapers across the nation have no problem selling advertising space for pictures of babies to promote such products ranging from diapers to online investment firms. However, three major papers -- USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune --rejected an ad from a pro-life organization that showed an infant at roughly 20 weeks' gestation because it's “too controversial.”

An article by Caleb Parke on the Live Action News website stated that the ad featured an illustration of an adult hand holding a 20- to 24-week-old baby with the quote: “This child has no voice, which is why it depends on yours. Speak up.”

Heroic Media, a non-profit organization whose mission “is to educate the public in general and reach women facing unplanned pregnancieswith life-affirming alternatives through the use of mass media, such as television commercials, Internet outreach, and billboards, expressed outrage that the newspapers were willing to talk about the issue but not to show the reality of life at 20 weeks.” 


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Anonymous said...

bottom line: these evil people don't care that abortion has 2 victims; the baby and the mother. they want to kill the baby for convenience and the mother will be forever scared.
planned parenthood does this for money and the liberal media just want to remain "pro-choice" because if they changed they would have to admit they were wrong all these many years. pols do the same thing.
the pro-choice have killed millions of our children with no regard to human life and on the economic side have killed generations of taxpaying citizens. most of them would have paid into the system and now we've killed our tax base. you just can't fix stupid.