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Friday, June 07, 2013

Md. GOP Claims Inaccurate Voter Registration Files Include 20,000 Dead On The Rolls

Twenty-thousand deceased Marylanders remain on voter registration rolls, 268,000 voters are registered at addresses where they don’t live, and 48 are listed with record ages higher than 114 years old, according to an analysis by the Maryland Republican Party.

Republicans released their findings Tuesday, citing data collected from current state election files, the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Postal Office National Change of Address (NCOA) information and commercial information available on the web. They evaluated the data with a specially designed voter management software program.

“We want to share our findings with the State Board of Elections to make sure voter rolls are cleansed properly,” said Maryland Republican Party Executive Director David Ferguson. “This is not an attack on the state board. They are just a repository for all 24 counties. It’s very difficult to remove someone from the voter file.”

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Anonymous said...

This is how Democrats win close elections, i.e. last presidential election.

Anonymous said...

So what , nothing will be done!

Anonymous said...

It starts with you Bubba. Lets see...lets think about the founding of this country. A conversation of the day probably went like this " Those damn British are taxing us to death and could care less about our personal freedoms. (Your equivalent person of that day) "So what, nothing will be done!" Grow some gonads.

Anonymous said...

dittos 3:44