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Monday, February 11, 2013


I find it fascinating that we are hearing nothing from the MSM about the drought. Absolutely nothing. If you google Midwest drought, you find no articles in the last month from any MSM outlet. Considering it’s an issue that will have a tremendous impact on worldwide food supplies and prices, the silence is deafening. Is the MSM incompetent or are they purposely keeping the ignorant masses in the dark? The two maps below show the drought has not let up. Any improvement has been matched by new drought development in other areas.

The article that I found below shoots a big hole in the storyline that this drought is due to global warming. It seems severe droughts have tracked every Fourth Turning, arriving like clockwork every 80 years.

If this drought continues and/or worsens during 2013 it could be a black swan that pushes food prices past a breaking point. The combination of Bernanke money printing, central banks debasing currencies across the globe, and food shortages could create a perfect storm. We are already seeing cracks in the foundation, as Venezuela and Argentina are experiencing the start of hyperinflation. Iran already has hyperinflation. Middle Eastern and Far East countires cannot withstand rapidly rising food prices. Revolution will follow.

The MSM is keeping the lid on this story because the implications are dire and the oligarchs have no control over it. They only control the message or lack of message.


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Anonymous said...

Locally we always hear about it when the water table is too low,but hardly anyone mentions it when the water table is at an exceptable level.Why is that?