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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NAACP Rallies In Support of Question 6

Question 6 received an official stamp of approval from the NAACP. 

Organization officials on Monday rallied in support of same-sex marriage in Maryland. They've also begun to launch ads on the issue. 
The group is telling voters supporting Question 6 is the right thing to do and that gay and lesbian families share the same values as any other U.S. citizens.


Anonymous said...

There only indorsing this cuz their boy Obama did. A vote for Obama is a vote for Gay Marriage; if it doesn’t pass here he will write an Executive Order and make it the law of the land, like he has done now over 600 times since he has taken over. He has pronounced himself "King" and bypasses congress and the senate with his Executive privilege!

Anonymous said...

The Vasoline Company has contributed quite a bit of money towards the re-election of the Obama.

Anonymous said...

LOL 6:06. Probably Johnson & Johnson makers of KY Jelly also. If I'm not mistaken Basia Johnson supports liberal causes.