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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4 More Years of Obama Means 'Almost No Job Creation'

The U.S. economy will remain stuck in idle and very few jobs will be created if President Barack Obama is re-elected in November, said Tim Kane, chief economist at the Hudson Institute and founder of the social-networking firm StoryPoint.

Regulations outlined under the Dodd-Frank financial reform law and the president’s healthcare overhaul law have entrepreneurs worrying about compliance and putting off plans to expand and hire.

Higher taxes championed by the president, namely those targeting the wealthy, will eat away at money otherwise going to expand start-up businesses and take on new workers.

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Anonymous said...

A basic at the numbers show how full of it so many on the right are. Under the higher tax regime of the Clinton era, avg. annual growth in GDP = 3.91%. Under Bush = 2.17%, and that was with a huge housing boom that largely buoyed economic activity. And the right says that bubble was Dem's fault so they can't even claim success from that. Now you're still going to argue tax cuts are the cure for what ails the economy?

Anonymous said...

You fail to see during Clinton the internet boom-bust propped up those numbers they were really @ 2.27%

Anonymous said...

Not to mention they forced the lenders into "equalizing" the availability of loans to THOSE WHO COULDN"T AFFORD it.
AND that Newt Gingrinch as house speaker balanced any budget issues, not clinton.

Sorry, wasn't going to mention...

Anonymous said...

@ the same time our social security funds were "raided" & put to "good use", preferred to "just sitting there "doing nothing".
Thank you Al BORE & billCLINTON!