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Friday, October 12, 2012



Anonymous said...


They didn't need us at the convention, they don't need us know.

If you agree with Paul's message, vote Gary Johnson.

Or just skip voting for the Pres altogether.

In reality, Maryland is a safe democratic state. So voting for anybody but Obama will not change the result, nor who our delegates will vote for. There's no throwing away of your non-Dem vote in MD.

But if there's a large aggregate of voters who either skip the Presidential line or vote third party, people will notice if it's relatively close. Right now they fight really hard for a few slivers of people with everything they do. It's all about specific messages crafted to pander to blacks, jews, hispanics, women, rich people, poor people, left-handers born on odd numbered months ages get the point.

Anonymous said...

If Baltimore, PG, and Montgomery vote Obama, that means he gets all the electoral votes for the entire state, correct? Even if all other counties go Romney?

I think that's what happened last election, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

I agree/ And thank you, 114, for bringing this out in the open. Until now, I was still between Romney or writing in for RP, but didn't know how to write in a VP, etc., which threw me back to Romney. Here, again, after 40 years of voting I am still stuck with the Lesser of Two Evils to vote for.

But not now. I refuse to kowtow to the old phrase that "a vote for anyone other than "X" is a vote for Obama." Voting Republican in this state is futile, and until a third party becomes a real contender, all I am doing with a Romney vote is celebrating the good old boy parties, as we all know 3 counties carry this state. And I ain't in one of them!

A vote for Gary Johnson will count 100% and I urge all non Communist voters to do the same. This just NEEDS to turn some heads for 2016.

Anonymous said...

Paul supporters use this argument well, But, if they vote out of spite and protest for Gary Johnson it is a losing proposition.

Romney is at least a politician Paulites can work with whereas Obama is no where near the Paul doctrine because he is a closet communist Islamic sympathizer big Government racist.

Anonymous said...

6:33 It'd be safer to have a GOP controlled Senate and Congress than accepting Romney