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Friday, October 12, 2012

Berlin Takes Over Christmas Parade Operations

BERLIN -- Despite a changing of the guard, the Berlin Christmas Parade will be as strong this year as ever before, according to Mayor Gee Williams.

Earlier this week, the town officially accepted the reins for running the parade from the Berlin Lions Club, which has been sponsoring the event for about three decades.

“I had been told many months ago that [the Lions Club] might not be able to do it this year,” said Williams.



Anonymous said...

And I'm here to say that God bless the Town of Berlin and the Lions here. Working together for many more than thirty years, and continuing to do so.

The rub here is that the Fire Department, much a traditional participant in Town and City parades, whether volunteer/ paid/ or combination in all cities and towns on the shore, has elected to be an elite group in some sort of opposition to the town government.

There is some sort of power grab here that we thw people are being kept in the dark about, but one thing is set in stone here that may bite BIG in the future.

It makes one wonder, that if a town owned building caught fire, who would put it out, and how long would it take?

Hey, I live in wicomico county outside salisbury, and really don't care about your local pissin contest, but i'm just sayin, farmin, we live in a world of liability laws that with your predisposition could wind up xing you up yhe xhole, if you let this thing go through your ranks.

But, you guys and gals just keep it up....

Anonymous said...

Williams will screw this up like he has done the Fire Department!

Anonymous said...

I think Williams may be jonsing for a paid fire dept. He's a democrat and that means not only bigger govenment but unions and everyone knows the unions hate volunteer anything.