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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baltimore City Gets More Money Than Expected From Speed Cameras

Looks like the city took in lots more money in speed camera fines than was expected.
Something like $4 million more, in fact.
In the last fiscal year the city took in almost $20 million in fines that are mailed in following a citation that comes after a speed camera takes a picture of vehicles exceeding the posted limit by more than 12 miles an hour.


Anonymous said...

This is bad news. Every town in the country will be buying these things when they hear about this new source of easy money.

Anonymous said...

Preying upon the citizens when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that any person was harmed or that any property was damaged.

The only crime here, under common law, was committed by the City Government who strong armed the citizens in an act of extortion.

This is criminal extortion by organized crime using armed military equipped police thugs as enforcers.

It's a brave new world

Anonymous said...

Looks like there were more lawbreakers than they thought. Should help reduce the cost of enforcement for us law abiding folks. Hats off to speed cameras.

Anonymous said...

WOW you people can't drive within 12 of the speed limit? Correct the pathetic driving in Maryland and theres nothing to worry about. I hope they add as many as they can.

Anonymous said...

the camera at Parkside high school was running when I went by